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Tanzania customer visit our factory for cassava flour processing plant

Date:Jul 23, 2016/ News/ Chat online

Tanzania customer in our factory


This week, there has one Tanzania customer  visit our factory for the cassava flour processing plant. 
Cassava is an important  food crop in Africa. World consumption of cassava for food (fresh or processed) is concentrated in the developing countries. In Africa,about 70 percent of cassava production is used as food. The most popular processed products are commonly known as gari, lafun, foufou, attiéké and chickwangue Gari, a dry granular meal made from moist and fermented cassava is most commonly used in West Africa. Other forms of processed cassava consumption include a sun-dried cassava known as lafun in southwest Nigeria and sticky or heavy soup made from fermented cassava known as foufou. In other parts of Africa, cassava is commonly made into flour from dried roots or chunks of roots, and consumed as flour commonly named attiéké and chickwangue.

After we discuss with our customer, he final decide to start making cassava flour by our cassava flour processing plant . The cassava flour is also very popular food in his country and with big demand in the market.

Cassava flour processing plant  processing flow as below : 
Cassava root -- peeling -- washing -- grating -- pressing  -- Sifting -- Drying -- Milling -- packing -- Storing.
If you also interested in cassava flour processing plant , please contact us freely . 


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