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Native tapioca starch food-grade specifications

Date:Jul 18, 2016/ News/ Chat online

Natice tapioca starch


Tapioca starch is a white powder derived by wet extraction from the pulped roots of tapioca tubers.The unmodified starch is called native tapioca starch or native tapioca flour. While totally natural, native tapioca often does not lend itself to processed foods which will be frozen, heated, microwaved or baked.


Food-Grade Native Tapioca Starch Specifications:
Moisture: 11- 14% (ISO 1666)
pH: 4.5 – 7
Total aerobic mesophilic count: 10,000 CFU /g (ISO 4833)
Moulds: 250 CFU/g (ISO 7954)
Yeast: 250 CFU/g (ISO 7954)
E. coli or coliforms: absent (ISO 16654)
Salmonella: absent (ISO 6579)
Shelf-Life: 12 months 
Ash: max. 0.3% (ISO 3593)
Diffuse reflection Number/Whiteness: min. 90
Visible Impurities: max. 10
Sieve analysis (vibrational): max. 0.15%
Protein content: max. 0.2%
Cyanogenic potential : max 10mg HCN/kg (AOAC 1995 915.03 Pyridine Pyrazolone method)
Brabender viscosity: min. 700 Bu (Conc. 6% ds, 700 cmg, 75 rpm, start temp. 45oC, increasing with 1,5 oC/min. till 90 oC, hold for 20 min., Read peak viscosity)
Sulphite (SO2): max. 10 mg/kg (ISO 5379)
Arsenic (As): max. 0.1 mg/kg (ISO 11212)
Cadmium (Cd): max. 0.1 mg/kg (ISO 11212)
Lead (Pb): 0.5 mg/kg (ISO 11212)
Mercury (Hg): 0.05 mg/kg (ISO 11212)


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