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Improving efficiency of cassava production by using peeling machine

Date:Dec 21, 2017/ News/ Chat online

Introduction of cassava and peeling machine

Cassava normally is stored by a variety of finished products such as cassava flour, cassava starch, and garri which can be produced from cassava.  This is because that cassava is the most perishable goods which need process it within two to three days after harvesting. 

peeling machine for cassava

Cassava peeling machine

However, a number of challenges nowadays always are faced by the producers.  For instance,  it is a fact that the producers are hard to get efficient machines, suitable processing techniques and tools including peeling machine, grinding machine, dewater machine and so on, which may bring several issues for people such as time pressure, money loosing and inefficiency. 
What the first processing of cassava which have been harvested is peeling. But, the peeling processing in the traditional way is usually done by labors who use the knife. And, the  rate could be as high as 350 kg/day of 8 hours/person which may cause time-consuming and labor intensive for commercial purpose. As the result, the peeling production is quite low compare with by using automatic method such as peeling machine. 
The peeling machine right now is available from our company for customers who want to achieve mechanized production. The designing of peeling machine is batch type peeling and achieve full-day operation. 
peeling machine for cassava
The operation of cassava peeling machine
At first, the cassava roots are feed into a rectangular container with peeler blades located at the bottom. The blades are made up by the intensive steel wires which attached to a manufactured cylindrical metal. And, The machine has several rotational peeler blades that is able to design according to the capacity or customers’ requirements, which is horizontally connected and parallel with each other. 
Then, the cassava crops can be peeled after the cassava roots were caught into the peeling machine due to the frictional force creates. The water should be supplied over the peeling machine during peeling in order to wash and clean the tubers. 
peeling machine
Peeling machine for cassava processing
What is more, The gaps can be found below the rotational blades where the cassava peel wastes can be discharged. cassava crops which has done peeling will  be transferred to the grating machine for the grating process.
It is very obviously that the peeling machine can improve the efficient of peeling cassava.We can design and produce all kinds of cassava peeling machine according to clients demand.


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