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The development of the cassava-processing industry

Date:Feb 27, 2016/ News/ Chat online

In many producing countries, the cassava industry suffers from such disadvantages as an insufficient and irregular supply of roots to the factories in addition to the high cost of roots. These countries should encourage research work with the object of obtaining a maximum yield of roots per hectare and a maximum starch content in the roots. Experiments should be conducted in various regions for the improvement of agricultural practices and the breeding of new varieties with continuous testing and selection for high yields and suitability to local conditions.

The formation of an organization of cassava growers in each region will encourage production, make possible financial and technical assistance, and help coordinate the supply of roots to the factories.

Processing and marketing

The most propitious occasion on which to inaugurate such a competition would be one of the many marketing and festival days celebrated in the villages. It may continue for several months and be open to participants from a number of villages in cassava-producing areas.

The next step could be the setting up of small cooperative processing units in areas which are ready for such development, whereby improved machinery and accessories could be brought into use to obtain a better product. A pilot plant may be established in each cassava-growing region as a centre for research and development of the industry, for demonstration of modern processing equipment and for the training of personnel.

Obviously, under such a development scheme a certain number of officers will be necessary to guide the programme - at least some instructors and an inspection officer stationed in the cassava-processing areas.

As cassava is generally grown in rural areas and processed in small factories, the promotion and guidance of village farmers' cooperatives, not only for cassava processing but also for grading and marketing, is an important part of the duties of the officers.

In recent years, there are more and more people are investing the large factory to do cassava process, Making cassava starch, flour garri etc.

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