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Application and development of modified starch

Date:Jan 28, 2019/ News/ Chat online

In recent years, with the continuous pursuit of the health and delicious taste of food by global consumers, the application of modified starch has become more and more extensive. Modified starch can be seen in various food fields such as meat products, and dairy products. Modified starch is based on the original starch, which changes the structure of the starch granules by physical, chemical or biological methods, thereby imparting properties not possessed by the original starch. Such starch is called modified starch.

The reason why modified starch is used in food is not based on its nutritional value, but because its addition can improve the functional properties of processed foods and meet the requirements of certain food systems. Because of its many excellent properties, modified starch can help food manufacturers improve the quality and stability of their products and create more value for their customers, so their production and application have developed rapidly.

cassava starch processing plantModified cassava starch processing

Compared with ordinary starch, the modified starch obtained by the modification treatment has high paste transparency, low gelatinization temperature, high viscosity of starch paste, good stability, small settling property, excellent film forming property, strong antifreeze property and acid resistance. Many excellent properties such as alkali resistance and mechanical resistance. It can produce sauces and seasonings with very bright lightness, refreshing taste, frozen meat products with excellent freeze-thaw stability, thick yoghurt, soft baked goods, and crispy and delicious snacks.

The main sources of modified starch are: potato, corn, cassava, and wheat. Different grades of modified starch have different particle sizes and shapes, so that the performance are also different. Therefore, when selecting modified starch, it needs to be selected according to the needs of its own products. The following is a simple introduction for each type modified starch, the performance and main applications of several modified starches.

potato starch processing plantModified starch application, as thickener

1. Potato modified starch:

Potato modified starch is used more and more widely, and it still occupies a considerable proportion in food applications. Modified potato starch not only has good transparency, clear taste, no grainy taste, refreshing and smooth taste, not sticky, viscosity is higher than other starches, has very good anti-aging, anti-freeze , water retention and other properties. Generally suitable for some jams, meatballs and fish balls.

2. Corn modified starch:

Corn modified starch contains almost no amylose, and the expansion ratio and viscosity of starch paste are significantly higher than ordinary corn starch, so its paste has good stability, high viscosity, not easy to age, and has high transparency and resistance. High temperature and other advantages. Corn modified starch is especially suitable for sauces such as tomato sauce, oyster sauce, salad dressing, and kashida sauce.

3. Cassava modified starch:

Cassava modified starch is widely used in food formulations and is used as a thickener, binder, and stabilizer in production, and is also the best extender, sweetener, and bulking agent. Cassava modified starch products include canned foods, frozen foods, baked goods, soups, sausages, dairy products and meat products.

starch processing factoryModified starch application in food

Characteristics of different denaturation methods:

1. Pre-gelatinized starch: It can be dissolved in cold water to form viscosity without heating. It is easy to use.

2. Acetylated starch: gelatinization temperature is lowered, viscosity, transparency and water retention stability are improved

3. Cross-linked starch: improved tolerance, short paste, and delicate body

4. Oxidized starch: reduced viscosity, good film formation, enhanced gel ability

5. Etherified starch: The gelatinization temperature is lowered, the viscosity is increased, and the anti-aging ability is improved.

6. Phosphate starch: improved water retention capacity and certain emulsifying properties

7. Carboxymethyl starch: Strong water solubility, soluble in cold water, high viscosity, high transparency

8. Acid-modified starch: Reduced hot viscosity, can prepare high-concentration starch paste

9. Compound modified starch: can combine the advantages of different denaturation methods.

We use modified starch purpose is to use the modified starch different properties from the original starch. These properties mainly include:

1. Improve the taste of finished products

2. Improve the organization of finished products

3. Improve the processing performance of the product

4. Improve product tolerance

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