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Difference between potato powder and potato starch

Date:Jun 16, 2017/ News/ Chat online

potato starch

Potato starch

Potatoes are one of the most used vegetables around the world.They are also used to extract flour which is used in many different ways.There are two different powder product made from potatoes namely the potato powder and potato starch .

The main difference between potato starch and potato powder is mainly on the production process.There are two different ways to produce them.

potato starch processing machine

Potato starch processing machine

To make potato powder,whole of potatoes are cooked and dried and then finely ground to get a fine powder.This kind powder made from potatoes has a rich potato flavor.

The starch obtained from potatoes is called potato starch.This starch is found in the cells of the tuber of potato plant,and to extract this starch, potatoes are crushed to release the starch grains.This starch is dried and converted into a powdery form, to be called potato starch flour.Potato starch looks like any other starch and has a bland taste because of the fact that the potatoes are peeled before starting the process to make the starch.

To extract starch from potatoes,they are peeled and washed and made to undergo a process called millig. They are further refined after milling.Potato starch is very light white colored powder with a texture much like corn starch .

potato starch processing machine

Potato starch processing machine

My company can supply the complete potato starch production line with hydro cyclone group refining starch technology to produce the high quality potato starch .  

Our potato starch production line is full automatic from washing potatoes until get final dry potato starch . The full production process from potato to dry potato starch is only need about 30 minutes.

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