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Potato starch extraction machine and the application of potato starch

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Starch production is an isolation of starch from plant sources. It takes place in starch plants. Starch industry is a part of food processing which is using starch as a starting material for production of starch derivatives,hydrolysates,dextrins.

potato starch processing plant

Potato starch extraction processing plant

At first, the raw material for the preparation of the starch was wheat. Currently main starch sources are:

maize (in America) – 70%,

potatoes (in Europe) – 12%,

wheat - 8%,

Cassava - 19%,

rice, sorghum and other - 1%. (Reference needed)

potato starch extraction machine & chart flow

Potato starch extraction machine & chart flow

The potato starch extraction machine comprises the steps such as delivery and unloading potatoes, cleaning, rasping of tubers, potato juice separation, potato starch extraction, starch milk rafination, dewatering of refined starch milk and starch drying.

The potato starch extraction machine supply chain varies significantly by region. For example, potato starch in Europe is produced from potatoes grown specifically for this purpose. However, in the US, potatoes are not grown for starch production and manufacturers must source raw material from food processor waste streams. The characteristics of these waste streams can vary significantly and require further processing by the US potato starch manufacturer to ensure the end-product functionality and specifications are acceptable.

potato starch extraction machine

Potato starch extraction machine

Application of potato starch

The usage of raw starch is relatively small. Starch is mainly used as material both in the manufacture of food and non-food products. In food processing a lot of starch is converted to starch hydrolysates. Also it is used to receive puddings, jellies, desserts, caramel and other food products. In addition, starch is processed to modified starch in order to change material properties. The modified starches have a wide range of applications in many industries.

potato & potato starch application

Potato & potato starch application

Applications of starch in non-food sectors include: production of dextrin and adhesives, drilling fluids, biodegradable plastics, gypsum binders and many other. In addition modified starches are used as fillers, emulsion stabilizers, consistency modifiers etc. Other important fields of starch application are textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and paints.

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