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Why is the price of starch rasper is so expensive?

Date:Jan 14, 2019/ News/ Chat online

Advances in mechanical technology have also contributed to the improvement of agricultural production efficiency. In the potato, cassava starch production process, the crushing amount and crushing effect of the raw materials directly affect the yield and quality of the whole starch production plant. The high-efficiency starch rasper can greatly improve the starch extraction rate. Therefore, the starch rasper machine in the whole starch production line has a vital role. The rasper machine directly affects the yield and starch extraction rate of the whole line of starch by breaking the material's breaking ability, breaking degree and starch extraction rate.

cassava starch extraction plantRasper used in starch processing line

Then what is a starch rasper machine? Starch rasper machine is widely used in the crushing process in the production of cassava, potato, sweet potato, lotus root, pueraria, beans and rice starch. The main function of the rasper is to break the raw materials and achieve the requests crushing effect, thereby extracting the starch. The rasper is composed of a drum, a casing, a screen, a bearing seat, a base and a transmission member, a motor, a hexagonal belt and the like.

cassava starch plantDOING starch rasper

A good starch rasper machine is very important for the production efficiency of the starch factory. Many people prefer to buy the starch rasper machine directly from the factory, because this process saves a lot of freight, so its price is relatively cheaper. So how do merchants stipulate the price of starch rasper machine? Nowadays, the price of the starch rasper machine on the market is several times that of the ordinary pulverizer, which is somewhat expensive. But those who understand the relationship between price and value understand that value determines the price, although it will be slightly floating, but the merchant can not raise the price of a commodity for no reason, which will lead to slow sales, and there is no benefit for the producer himself. Therefore, the high price of the starch rasper machine is certainly reasonable. On the one hand, it is not cheap because of its raw materials, and the design is more precise. On the other hand, it is also troublesome in the transportation process, and the crushing effect is very good, so its price high is also very normal.

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