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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Gari processing machine

garri processing machine

Gari processing machine

Gari is traditionally made at home in Africa. It is increasingly becoming common to produce garri in commercial quantities using mechanized means.Gari is made from cassava by gari processing machine.

The tubers are harvested and peeled, removing the covering. The white pulp is grated in a gari grinding machine. Before the advent of machines, the cassava is hand grated. The grated produce is then put into a jute sack and the sack tied. Traditionally, this is left to ferment for three to seven days depending on the type of garri being made. This step is very important, as the fermentation process helps to reduce and detoxify the high cyanide content of cassava.

complete garri processing machine

Complete gari processing machine

The gari filled sacks are stacked up on each other, and a wooden board placed below and above the sacks. The wooden boards are tied together with the sacks full of the grated cassava in between. Tension is created by tightening the rope and thus allowing water to run out of the grated cassava being processed.

garri processing equipment

Gari processing machine

For new technology of  gari processing machine , we mainly use the hydraulic presser to dewater, and at the same time to reduce  the cyanide.And then,we will match a gari fryer for the whole gari processing progress.

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