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Garri making machine for garri production

Garri is a stable food in West Africa, especially in Nigeria and Ghana, where it is very popular food. For garri production, people need to use different garri making machine for garri processing.

When setting up a garri processing factory, clients need to choose garri making machine. But according to different requirement and different budget, the garri making machine we matched for them are completely different.

garri making machineGarri making machine

Normally, the full set of garri making machine for garri production including, fresh cassava cleaning and peeling machine, cassava grinding machine, cassava pulps dewatering machine, garri frying machine, fine mill to get fine garri, sieving and packaging machine etc.

cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

The cassava peeling machine is a very important garri making machine for gari production, but cassava peeling machine is very expensive and also a very large machine. Though many clients want to use it to replace the manual work, while the fact is that for small workshop, people still prefer to use manual work because of low cost.

Cassava grinding machine, it is a high efficient machine and very durable, with a best price. Compared with manual grinding, cassava grinder save a lot of time and get more garri yield, that is why more and more clients want to buy it for garri production.

This garri making machine also have features that collecting the starch pulp at the same time, not any waste.

garri making machineCassava grinder

Cassava pulp dewatering machine,normally we use the hydraulic presser, which is easy to operate and larger handling capacity.

Garri fryer is the most important garri making machine when garri production. Our gari frying machine have electric type, gas type, diesel type etc. No matter which type, it needs electric heating system.

garri making machineGarri fryer

For large capacity garri processing, most clients prefer to choose complete set of garri making machine for fully automatic production.

So if one clients have enough fund, he can set up an automatic garri making machine for garri production. Even with PLC automatic control system etc.

For those clients in Africa who do not have enough fund, they prefer to use manual work and some main steps by garri making machine.

Finally, When clients choose garri making machine for gari production, it's better for him to consider the raw material supplying, the budget, workshop size, the final gari requirements etc. And Doing Company as garri processing machine manufacturer, we can supply with best solution for you based on your requirements and budget.

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