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Modern garri production line

Modern garri production line refers the production line that using modern advanced garri processing equipment to process cassava into garri. Compared with traditional garri production line, it has the advantages of short processing time, clean garri processing environment, highly automatic, higher final garri quality and low waste rate.

garri production lineModern garri production line

Modern garri production line usually requires a cleaner, washer, cassava peeler, cassava grinder, hydraulic press dewater, garri fryer and garri packaging machine.

1. Before garri processing, we need to select high quality cassava for garri production line. Cassava that has no damage, fresh and contains high starch content is first choice. The selected cassava should be processed as soon as possible, for it may rot within 2 days.

2. When garri processing starts, the first issue we need to deal with is to wash cassava. Modern garri production line separate washing procedure into two step: dry cleaning and water washing. Dry sieve is a cleaner which can get rid of a large proportion of debris attached on cassava without using water. Paddle washing machine is clearly the washer to move away impurities that are difficult to clean. Cassava is clean enough after these machines.

garri production lineCassava cleaner and washer

3. The gray peels of cassava contains toxic matters, so in garri production line, it need to be peeled. A cassava peeler is adopted for cassava peeling, its bottom part consists of numerous stainless steel brush which can rub cassava to remove its outer peels. DOING cassava peeler also contains a automatic flushing system, which can carry away the peeled peels.

4. The cassava that be peeled need to be ground. A cassava grater is such a machine used in modern garri production line to grind cassava. Designed with double scrapers, it can grind cassava in bio-direction, such achieving a better grind effect. High efficient grater can improve cassava grinding rate and garri output, so that it is an equipment worth to buy.

garri production lineCassava grinder

5. Grated cassava mesh need firstly be fermented for days (the exact day depends on local habit), then put then into a dewaterer. Hydraulic press is commonly used is this step in garri production line. It press the mesh automatically to desired quality. Although small in size, its capacity is large and dewatering effect is good.

6. After that the garri need to be fried. Modern garri production line choose stainless steel garri frying machine to fry garri, compared self-made wok, the heating method is more even, and garri quality is better. Of course, if you want to make high quality garri, a vibration sieve can be added, it sieving off large garri to get finer garri, thus you can sell it at higher price.

garri production lineGarri frying machine

7. A modern automatic garri production line is end with a packaging machine, it automatic fill garri into bags and sew the bags. The packaging size ranges from 100g to 1kg.

A modern garri production line basically consists of the above procedures. Garri as a staple food consumed by thousands of millions of people in African countries, it has great market demand and great prospect. Now the Nigerian and other countries encourage people engage in garri processing business and willing to offer loans to them, so it's the best time to conduct garri business. Whether you have experience in garri processing business or not, Doing Group can give you professional guide and offer best solution for you.

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