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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Garri making plant

The major raw material required for garri processing in garri making plant is harvested cassava tubers. To making high quality garri, the fresh cassava tubers used for garri processing should be free from microbial or insect damage. And they should also be processed within two days to prevent deterioration and loss of quality.

garri making plantFresh cassava

The detail garri processing procedure in garri making plant:

The process of making garri is simple. It can be illustrated as follows: from cassava farm – washing – peeling – grating – fermentation – dewatering – frying – cooling – bagging.

garri making plant

- In other words, firstly you need collect the cassava tubers from the farm or suppliers to garri making plant, and wash the tubers and clean them to remove sand and dirt;

- Then you peel the cassava tubers with a knife or a cassava peeler machine and then send the peeled tubers to cassava grater where it is grated to a pulp.

garri making plantCassava grater

- After that, cassava pulp need to be fermented in garri making plant for about 2 days.

- Next is dewatering process, which dewater the cassava pulp and remove its toxic elements and water.

garri making plantGarri fryer

- Then using a garri fryer to fry garri. Stainless steel garri fryer is a perfect machine in garri making plant to dry wet garri, which prevents garri from polluted by outer environment.

- Finally cool fried garri to normal temperature and bag your final product into different specifications for sell. Here you go; your garri product is finally out !

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