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Small scale garri processing technology

simple garri processing line

Simple garri processing line

GARRI is popular food in Africa, Especially in Nigeria. Normally,the processor can produce 1tonne of gari from 3-4tonnes of fresh cassava roots.

Now,we mainly introduce small scale garri processing technology,which will help the processors who want to invest small scale garri processing.

complete garri processing line

Complete garri processing line

Processing cassava roots into garri takes several steps following:

Step 1: Peeling and washing cassava roots

Step 2: Grating cassava roots into pulp or mash

Step 3: De-watering and fermenting(by hand)

Step 4: Frying the cassava mesh into garri

The following is a detailed description of each step:

Step 1:Washing and peeling by manual work


peeling the cassava roots



Peel the fresh cassava roots by manual work

washing the cassava

Wash the peeled cassava roots in clean water

clean cassava tuber

Gently scrub the roots with the scourer to remove pieces of unpeeled skin and dirt,make sure the washed roots are clean with no spots.

Step 2  Grating unit

cassava grating machine

Cassava grating machine

Cassava roots are traditionally grated into a mash or pulp as part of the process to remove cyanide and make the roots safe to eat.

Traditional cassava graters are usually made from perforated metal sheets.These rust quickly and are difficult to keep clean.They are also very slow and labor intensive to use.

Mechanized graters are needed to produce a sufficient quantity of cassava mash to meet market demands and standards.

There are 2 exits for the grater to ensure no waste.  One is collecting starch milk, you can collect 20% pure starch milk from the fresh cassava roots;Another is for cassava pulp, The pulp moisture around 65%.

cassava & grated cassava pulp + starch milk

Cassava & grated cassava pulp + starch milk

Step 3; Dewatering Unit- Hydraulic presser

This stainless steel Hydraulic Presser is  designed by our factory.With fully 304 stainless steel food-standard chamber .

By using the principle of hydraulic and self-weight, no-filter chamber cavity, which will  directly press and squeeze the starch milk water under putting the cassava pulp into the filter bag to further reduce the moisture content.

cassava dewatering machine

Cassava dewatering machine

Features of presser:

1.Cylinders design;Both in 304 Stainless steel  chamber structure;  Inside:  Use to squeeze  the cassava pulp;Outside : Use to collect the starch milk.

2.The bucket and the bottom hole design  mainly used for collecting the starch milk when pressing the cassava pulp to ensure not any starch milk wasted ;

In this process, you can collect 10% pure cassava starch milk;

Step 4; Garri Frying

garri fryer

Garri fryer

During making garri,garri frying is necessary part for all the production line.

Our GARRI fryer is automatic type, with 304 stainless steel material

Gas heating or Electric heating

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