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Traditional and mechanical garri processing line

Garri is the most popular food in many African countries, especially in Nigeria. Traditionally, garri is made by family style workshops with manual method,which not only has low extraction rate, resulting in waste, but also requires a lot of labor and time. Now with new automatic garri processing machine, mechanical garri processing line can be finished within half an hour and with higher yield. With mechanical method, 1 tonne of garri can be produced from 3-4 tonnes of raw cassava tubers.

garri processingGarri

Basically, traditional and mechanical garri processing line both includes the following step:

Step 1: Peeling and washing cassava roots

Step 2: Grating cassava roots into pulp

Step 3: De-watering and fermenting

Step 4: Frying the wet garri

garri processingMechinical garri processing

The following is a detailed description of each step in garri processing line:

Step 1: Washing and peeling

Washing and peeling are the first step in garri processing line, whose main function is to wash away debris on cassava and peel off the cassava skin that contains toxic cyanide.

Traditional washing and peeling method is as follows:

peeling the cassava roots Peel the fresh cassava roots by manual work to remove cyanide and make the roots safe to eat.
washing the cassava Wash the peeled cassava roots with clean water in garri processing line
garri processing Gently scrub the roots with the scourer to remove pieces of unpeeled skin and dirt,make sure the washed roots are clean with no spots.

The manual washing and peeling requires a lot of labors and time, which suitable for small scale or family style garri processing line. Mechinical garri processing line using cassava peeling machine to achieve automatic peel and wash cassava.

Cassava peeling machine has high peeling rate (95%) and high efficient, which can process tons of cassava within one hour, greatly improve garri processing efficiency.

garri processingCassava peeling machine

Step 2  Grating unit

Garri processing line requires to grate cassava roots to the maximum extent into a mash or pulp. As the most important part of garri processing, grating requires more efficient equipment.

Traditional cassava graters used in garri processing line are usually made from perforated metal sheets.These rust quickly and are difficult to keep clean.They are very low in grating efficient and are labor intensive to use.

Mechanized cassava grater by using a two-way file to fully grate cassava into mash to improve garri yield. Besides, there are 2 exits for the cassava grater to ensure no waste. One is collecting starch milk, where you can collect 20% pure starch milk from the fresh cassava roots; Another is for cassava pulp, where the pulp moisture is around 65%. Compared with traditional grating, the modern cassava grater can improve working efficiency and garri yield in garri processing line. And its material contact part is made of stainless steel, to ensure the grated cassava not be polluted.

garri processing machineCassava grater

Step 3 Dewatering Unit- Hydraulic press

Dewatering process requires reduce moisture content in garri to faciliate frying. In traditional garri processing line, dewatering step directly press packaged wet garri by simple tools to remove excess water. This method not only can not guarantee the dewater effect and moisture uniformity, but also easy to pollute garri.

Mechanical garri processing line adopts hydraulic press for garri dewatering., which has good dewatering effect. The machine adopts cylinders design, the inner chamber is used to squeeze the cassava pulp, it can automaticly press and squeeze the starch pulp to reduce the moisture content to desired quality. The outside bucket and the bottom hole design are mainly used for collecting the cassava milk to ensure that there is no any starch milk wasted. Due to garri is easy to be polluted in this step, Doing Company adopts food-standard 304 stainless steel chamber for this machine to ensure the quality of garri.

garri processingHydraulic press

Step 4 Garri Frying

Garri frying is a necessary part for garri production line.Traditional garri processing line use self-made wok for fry garri. But it will stick easily due to uneven heating.

Modern garri processing line adopts garri fryer to dry wet garri, which can evenly stir garri to dry garri to required moisture without worry paste. DOING garri fryer is a automatic type, made of 304 stainless steel material to avoid pollutation, and has Gas heating and Electric heating options for customer to choose.

garri processingGarri fryer

Garri processing is more and more advance to free people from complicated labor, using automatic garri processing machine for making garri is a trend. But for those who want to invest in small scale garri processing line, we also have solutions. We can design a semi-autmatic garri processing line for you to save cost. So if you want to invest in garri processing project, please feel free to contact with me by leaving us message.

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