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Cassava chipper machine

cassava chipper machineCassava (Manihot  esculenta  crantz) is a very interesting root crop grown in many parts of the world and is considered as one of the most valuable staple food source for a huge number of people in West African sub-region. 

It is very clear that a larger population of people in the developing countries of the world depend on cassava food products as their major source  of carbohydrate. Cassava has been highlighted as an important source of energy food in Nigerian diets, which plays a major role in alleviating food crises because of its year round availability, suitability to present farming method and production of food energy in Africa.
cassava chipper machine
Cassava chipper machine principle of operation
The machine is simple to operate requiring only one operator at a time. Before it is operated, all the parts must be properly set and fixed together. As the shaft rotates, it turns the chipping disc in anti-clockwise direction and the peeled roots will be fed through the hopper, whichdirects it to the chipping disc. The rotation of the chipping disc will perform an impact action on the tubers and the sharp groove on the disc will cut the tubers by impact shear force to the designed thickness of 10 mm of an equal shape. The chips then proceeds to the discharge chute by gravity where they are collected on a tray.
cassava chipper machine
A cassava chipper machine was designed, fabricated and tested. It has an efficiency of 95.6% with an average capacity of 5.3 kg/min and highestcapacity of 6.0 kg/min.
The machine produced chips of similar size and shape.The cassava chipper machine has been designed for ease of operation and maintenance without special training.The cassava chipper machine is recommended for medium scale cassava processing.



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