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Mechanical cassava peeling machine

Compared with the manual peeling, mechanical cassava peeling machine is faster, capacity large, save manpower then better to save the cost, more suitable for you to start your cassava processing business. In the garri and cassava flour production, mechanical cassava peeling machine can remove the cassava peel which contains toxic substances, make it not affects the quality of final products. Usually after washing and cleaning cassava, the cassava will be transported to mechanical cassava peeling machine for further processing.

The Introduction of DOING mechanical cassava peeling machine:

Cassava peeling machine is mainly used for removing outer peels and subcutaneous cuticle of cassava roots, which can be used in the cleaning section of the cassava to realize the removal of the cassava peel. Therefore, the mechanical cassava peeling machine has better industry practicability. Cassava peeling machine is mainly used in the process of garri production line and cassava chips and cassava flour processing. DOING mechanical cassava peeling machine is made of stainless steel, has different models depending on the capacity of products.

cassava peeling machineDOING mechanical cassava peeling machine

The features of Doing Company mechanical cassava peeling machine:

1. The mechanical cassava peeling machine is made by stainless steel and can remove the peel completely and effectively. The machine peeling rate can reach 95%

2. Optimal design for complete machine with good-looking .

3. Dealing with large and medium quantity with consuming low power

4. Easy to operate and install.

5. Doing Company mechanical cassava peeling machine has nice appearance, well matched motor configuration.

cassava peelerCassava peeling machine under working

Doing Machinery mechanical cassava peeling machine how to operate:

DOING company mechanical cassava peeling machine is mainly composed of the motor, reducer, chain, roller, etc. The brush roller has such characteristics as soft, medium hard, strong elasticity, firm, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, friction resistance and so on. Therefore it can remove cassava epidermis without damaging raw material. The cassava peeling and cleaning machine is durable and wear resistance. The box is made of high quality steel, not rusty and clean. The automatic mechanical cassava peeling machine is easy to operate and has high output and clean peeling. It is a necessary machine for garri and cassava flour processing plant. When operating this mechanical cassava peeling machine, before putting the cassava, the machine must be operated in advance, in case of causing the heavy load and shortening the operating time. Turn the spray valve open and wash with the feed. After cleaning, open the outlet of cassava peeling machine to remove the peeled cassava, actually, it is automatic discharge.

In some African countries, the peeling step often is done by labour, which lowers the efficiency and wastes a lot of time. Nowadays, mechanical cassava peeling machine is produced by Doing company has high speed. Moreover, It is especially suitable for large capacity garri and cassava flour production. And Doing company provides good after-sale service. You can click cassava peeling machine running video to get more information.

cassava peelerDoing Company cassava peeling machine structure

Structure of DOING mechanical cassava peeling machine:

In the center of the arc of the peeling machine, there is a screw spindle device. On the main shaft of cassava peeler, there is a spiral blade. Under the drive of the spindle, the material can be pushed forward to the direction of the outlet continuously, thus the continuous operation of the equipment is realized. The cassava peeling machine can be equipped with spray water device according to the technological needs, so as to remove impurities from the epidermis and brush stick in time. Doing Company mechanical cassava peeling machine is simple in structure, stable and reliable in operation, heavy in handling capacity and simple in maintenance. It is an ideal equipment for cleaning and removing impurities of tuber crop. The machine adopts high quality domestic brand, and the transmission is chain drive, which is simple and convenient to maintain. Besides, the operation is simple and easy to learn.

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