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Cassava chips drying machine

The drying method of the cassava chips generally adopts a tandem belt dryer, that is, the cassava chips are transported by the conveyor feeder to the mesh belt of the inlet of the cassava chips drying machine, and are moved forward by the belt transportion, in the process, the cassava chips is continuously sway by hot air. After three drying stages, the dried cassava chips are discharged from the discharge section, and the dried cassava chips have a water content of about 15%, which is up to standard. At this time, the color of the cassava chips was slightly yellowish white, and pinched very hard, indicating that the cassava chips had been dried.

cassava chips drying machineDried cassava chips

The working principle of Doing Company cassava chips drying machine:

The cassava chips drying machine is composed of main components such as a drying bed, a heat exchanger and a moisture exhaust fan. When the cassava chips drying machine is working, the cold air is heated by the heat exchanger, and the scientific and reasonable circulation mode is adopted to make the hot air flow through the cassava chips on the bed surface for uniform heat exchange, and the hot air flow in each unit of the body acts as a circulation fan. The hot air circulation is performed, and finally the air of low temperature and high humidity is discharged, thereby completing the entire drying process smoothly and efficiently.

cassava chips production plantCassava chips production process

DOING cassava chips drying machine features:

1. Made of high quality stainless steel, the surface is smooth, easy to clean, DOING cassava chips drying machine meets the requirements of food hygiene;

2. The cassava chips drying machine is divided into the initial dry section, the middle section and the final section. The material is fully turned during the drying process, which improves the drying efficiency of cassava chips drying machine. When drying, the temperature and conveying speed of each drying section can be adjusted according to the nature of the material, and different air volume can be designed to ensure the color, fragrance and taste of the cassava chips;

At the beginning, because of cassava chips high water content, poor gas permeability and large specific gravity, the initial dry section is generally smaller paving thickness and higher drying temperature, while designing a larger air volume; the residence time of the material in the middle section and the final drying section is three to four times that of the initial drying section, and the paving thickness is the initial dry section two to three times, effectively improving the drying output, providing service for the user to continuously produce in large quantities; the rear section of the final dry section is the cooling section, and the material is cooled by the cold air, which is beneficial to the processing and preservation of the cassava chips.

cassava chipd dryerDOING cassava chips drying machine

3. Mesh belt drive can be stepless speed regulation, automatic control hot air temperature, to ensure that the drying temperature of the cassava chips drying machine is stable, and the machine operation is very simple;

4. The cassava chips drying equipment adopts a special hot air circulation structure, and the hot air is evenly distributed, which is energy-saving and practical;

5. The mesh belt is provided with stainless steel baffles, which can effectively prevent the cassava chips from falling during the drying process;

6. The cassava chip drying machine has special cleaning doors and maintenance doors to make the cleaning and maintenance of the machine more convenient.

cassava chips drying equipmentCassava chips drying machine parts

The main components and structure description of the cassava chips drying machine:

1. Transmission system: The system adopts the structure of motor (frequency control) + reducer + chain drive combination. The running speed of the mesh belt of the cassava chips drying machine can be achieved by adjusting the operating frequency of the motor.

2. Conveyor belt system: The conveyor system consists of a driving wheel, a driven wheel, a conveyor chain, a strut and a mesh belt. The chains on both sides are connected by a strut, and are positioned by the sprocket and the angle rail. The mesh belt is fixed on the strut and runs synchronously with the chain and the strut, the drive wheel is mounted on the discharge side.

3. Drying room: The drying room of Doing Company cassava chips drying machine consists of two parts: the main drying room and the air duct. The main drying room is equipped with an observation door. At the same time, the bottom is a blanking sloping plate and is equipped with a cleaning door to clean the material in the box. The hot air circulation fan is installed in the air duct, and sends part of the exhaust gas after drying in the upper part of the main drying chamber to the lower side of the radiator through the air duct, and at the same time, sucks in some fresh air, and after heating by the radiator, contacts the upper material to complete the drying process.

4. Dehumidification system: After the hot air of each drying chamber completes the heat and mass transfer, the temperature drops, the air humidity increases, and the drying capacity decreases. It is necessary to discharge part of the exhaust gas in time, and the exhaust gas is collected from the wet ports of each exhaust to the exhaust main pipe. The negative pressure of the induced draft fan of the exhaust system is discharged to the outside in time.

5. Fresh air replenishment system: Fresh air replenishment and dehumidification are carried out simultaneously.

6. Temperature control: Automatic steam control, solenoid valve control the temperature of each drying section is stable. The cassava chips drying machine unit manual valve is mainly designed according to the on-site bimetal thermometer.

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