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Cassava starch dryer

Cassava starch dryer introduction

Cassava starch dryer is the widely used drying machine for power material drying. In cassava starch production line, cassava starch dryer serves to dry dewatered starch to 14% so that the starch can be stored for longer time. The capacity of cassava starch dryer ranges from 2.6t/h to 10 t/h, the heating method can be coal or gas heating, and customers can choose cassava starch dryer according to demand.

cassava starch dryerCassava starch dryer

Working Principle of cassava starch dryer:

In cassava starch processing plant, dewatered cassava is feed into cassava starch dryer tube through a hoper. On the other inlet, the clean air is heated and then enters into the tube to mix with wet cassava starch. The high speed air flow disperse cassava starch and dry it in just two or thress seconds. What happeneds in this process is heat transformation, the heat from air takes away the water from starch, thus achieve the purpose of starch drying.


cassava starch dryerCassava starch dryer

Main features of cassava starch dryer:

(1) This cassava starch dryer is compact in structure, small in floor space, integrated in drying, crushing and grading. It is an organic combination of swirling technology, fluidization technology, spray technology and convection technology. It does not need to be crushed and sieved after drying, which simplifies the production process and saves power and equipment costs.

(2) Compact equipment, small footprint and high production efficiency.

(3) The system is well sealed, protecting workers' health and reducing environmental pollution.

This kind of air stream cassava starch dryer can be used in cassava starch processing line and the cassava flour processing plant.Doing Company is the leading manufacturer of cassava starch dryer in China, we can provide you with cassava processing machine and the technology support.


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