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Cassava harvester

One of the most versatile plants in the world is the starchy root of the cassava plant. In the United States, cassava is known as tapioca, a thickener used instead of cornstarch. In developing countries the root is a main source of carbohydrates. The demand for this plant is growing and it has become necessary to find a way to harvest it in large quantities. Using a mechanical cassava harvester can do the work in half the time of doing it by hand, but it is tricky because the root can be easily damaged, shortening its shelf life. Harvesting by hand is time consuming and cannot meet the demands of the public.

Here is the advantages of our cassava harvester:

1.High efficiency

2.Separate the cassava from the soil and collect them in a ridge, easy to load

3.Deep working depth, Working width is adjustable according to requirements

4.The harvester can extract the agricultural mulch from the ground when working.

casava harvester

cassava harvester

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