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Garri fryer

Garri is traditionally made at home in Africa. It is increasingly becoming common to produce Garri in commercial quantities using mechanized methods. The raw material for producing garri is fresh cassava, and because cassava is not easy to preserve, cassava needs to be processed in short time.

The whole garri production process is showed as below:

garri processing lineGarri processing line

During the whole garri production line, garri fryer plays an important role. Garri Fryer is a stirring pot used for dry wet cassava for easy storage. It consists of pan, frame, stirring part, heating part, motor and other parts. The heating method can be fuel, electic, gas.  This type garri fryer adopts the "Scraping Bottom Type" mixing and stirring, with heat conduction oil as its medium, so it is non-stick. Mixing evenly, no dead angle, makes the material mixed more fully. Compared with traditional munual processing, garri fryer can achieve the automatic frying and can control the temperature itself.

garri fryerGarri fryer structure

About the newest garri fryer, here is the infomation of it:

Material 304 stainless steel
Capacity: 600L
Size: 1200mm Diameter x 730mm Height
Type: Gas/electronice heating

garri fryerGarri fryer machine

Main features of garri fryer:

1.Easy installation and maintenance

2.Stable operation, heating fast, even and temperature stable

3.Stainless steel material is adopted in the garri fryer and garri contact part to prevents pollution

4. The temperature is controllable to avoid sticking to the pan.

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd as the professional cassava deep processing machine manufaturer. We not only can provide you with garri fryer machine, but also can provide you the whole garri production line turnkey project according to your demand and your budget.

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