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Extraction of starch from yam

The extraction of starch from yam usually the most important part about the yam starch production line with higher technology requests. Extraction of starch from yam can be divided into three parts: release of starch, starch slurry washing, concentration and purification.This three parts consist of the yam starch extraction process, it's performance directly influenced the final yam starch quality and yield, better performance of yam starch extraction, better yam raw materials using rate, higher yam starch quality, so decided one set of machinery used for the extraction of starch from yam is very important. On the following is the Doing Company extraction of starch from yam, also list the main machinery demanded:

extraction of starch from yam used machines

Extraction of starch from yam used machines


Part one: release of starch. This part demand two machinery named cutting machine and rasper to complete, compared with potato, yam is bigger and irregular, so requests cutting yams firstly, better and higher efficiency for yam rasping. After yam processed by rasper to get fine yam particles, fully destroy its cell wall and fiber, release the starch from yam completely. Because fresh yam with high moisture, so at this time, actually we get yam starch slurry.

extraction of starch from yam used machines

Cutting machine and rasper

Part two: starch slurry washing. After starch release, except starch, the yam starch slurry still contain many other things, not only protein, fat, these invisible substance,  but also small sand and other impurities. This starch slurry washing part in the extraction of starch from yam aimed to filter the visible impurities out, mainly processed by Doing Company centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve, it's honor to tell you oue centrifuge sieve with high technology design, the sieve screen not block, make the process of yam starch continuously, high speed.

extraction of starch from yam used machines

Disc seperator

Part three: concentration and purification.As the part two said, starch slurry also contain many invisible substance like protein, fat, so this concentration and purification part function is to remove these to get pure starch slurry. Adopted disc seperator and hydrocyclone station, compared with just hydrocyclone, this method guarantee a stable operation and larger capacity, final yam starch slurry also more pure. Also can concentration the starch slurry by hydrocyclone before starch dehydration.

extraction of starch from yam used machines

Starch slurry washing by hyfrocyclone

To sum up, the extraction of starch from yam is the most important part in the whole yam starch production with highest technology design. After this extraction of starch from yam part, then dehydration and drying for starch can get final products. This extraction of starch from yam main machines demanded is cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, disc seperator, hydrocyclone station. On the following is the introduction of our fine fiber sieve, because of this machine is new added for yam starch production, better performance.

extraction of starch from yam used machines

Doing Company

Fine fiber sieve used to seperating small fiber from yam starch slurry according to its own gravity and low centrifugal force function by screen mesh inside the drum. Its automatic front and back washing system guarantee good screen penetration and ensure the high efficiency operation of equipment. Fine fiber sieve good starch extraction effect improved the extraction of starch from yam effect. Improve the yam starch products purity and quality.

Model Drum diameter(mm) Main shaft speed(r/min) Power(kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(t) Capacity(t/h) Roller length(mm)
DYXS-100 1005 21 3.0 4300*1380*1610 2.5 2-4 3300
DYXS-2*95 950 21 2.2*2 6000*1550*2300 3.8 3-6 5000

Among is our fine fiber sieve technical parameters, you can decided in the light of your capacity requests, or tell us your requests for final yam starch, we can give you the most suitable advice.

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